CasusGrill™ is the All Natural Single Use BBQ

Born from a love of nature.

The idea behind CasusGrill™ was born when Carsten and Susanne Brøgger were out exploring the Danish wilderness. Miles from anywhere, they came across a lakeside campsite littered with rubbish, including heaps of used aluminium trays from conventional single use BBQs. 

Natural problem solvers, they thought about the overall impact that otherwise nature loving people could have on the wilderness. Seeing that there was no environmentally responsible option to replace the conventional instant BBQs, they decided that they needed to make that option.

Careful design that makes a difference.

Every part of the CasusGrill's design has been carefully and thorooughly considered. The physical size of each grill was determined to minimise the amount of empry space in shipping containers! Bamboo is used for the grill as it doesn't catch alight like wood, and doesn't leave contact burns on food being cooked. The bamboo briquettes are made using a patented receipe that doesn't include any petrochemicals, iron or aluminium so that your health isn't harmed, your food isn't tainted with bad tasting smoke, while being super easy to light. Even the cardboard is FSC™ certified.

Winning hearts and awards.

Right from the earliest days after commercialisation, CasusGrill™ has been gaining recognition both as a designed object and for the positive impact on our world.

CasusGrill™ has received:

  • Danish Design Award in 2017,
  • Ace Hardware's New Consumer Product in 2017,
  • Best Sustainable Product and Press Choice Awards at the Tokyo International Gift Show 2018,
  • Best Non-Food Product at GFS Vancouver 2018, and
  • Best Sustainable Product at GIC Show Toronto 2018.

CasusGrill™ in Australia

We found the CasusGrill™ at a tradeshow in Germany in 2017. Previously focussing on helping other businesses bring their new products to market, Epiphyte Corporation Pty Ltd began to look at niche products to bring to Australia.

Epiphyte Corporation

CasusGrill™ is proudly brought to Australia by Epiphyte Corporation Pty Ltd. We bring beautiful things to the best places to enjoy them.

CasusGrill™ is a Danish design, and is manufactured in China to exact standards.

Epiphyte Corporation Pty Ltd
ABN: 20138983301
Kelvin Grove, Qld, Australia

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