How to Use a CasusGrill

Using a CasusGrill is really easy.

Follow the steps below for the best results.

Open Package

Open the shipping bag and remove the instruction sheet. We'd really like it if you read it!

Assemble the base

Put the four peices of the base together. This keeps the CasusGrill™ up off the surface of whatever you're cooking on, preventing heat damage and fire risk.

Pull Out Tabs

There are four tabs on the side of the CasusGrill™. Fold them out about 90°.

Place the CasusGrill™ On The Base.

There are slots on the base that the tabs will fit straight onto.

Light Each Corner

Light each corner of the CasusGrill™. Light in between the first and the second briquettes for best results.

There isn't going to be a big flame, but you'll see a subtle change in colour - its working!

Place the Bamboo Grill

Place the bamboo grill onto the top of the tabs. This is the right height to get the best cooking result. Plenty of air can flow underneath, and the bamboo won't catch alight.

Some sugary or oily foods can stick to the bamboo and cause some flames. This is normal.

Wait Five Minutes

When the briquettes are all silver, you're ready to cook.

Remember, the perlite hold a lot of heat too, and this is the secret to the long cooking time and even heat.


This part is all up to you! Enjoy!

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